How do you compute for the shipping cost of an item?

We charge the shipment cost via the weight of a package, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Depending on the kind of item, we charge for either its actual weight, or its volumetric weight. We measure these two and charge for whichever is greater.

The Actual Weight is the mass of the item when placed on a weighing scale.

The Volumetric Weight is the item's length x width x height, in inches, divided by 166.

For example: a toy has an actual weight of 1.00 lbs, with a length / width / height equal to 10 inches / 5 inches / 5 inches.

10 x 5 x 5 = 250.

250 / 166 = 1.50 lbs. This is the volumetric weight. 

We round 1.50 up to the nearest whole number to arrive at 2.00 lbs volumetric weight. Since 2.00 lbs volumetric weight is greater than 1.00 lbs actual weight, we charge the volumetric weight of the toy.

If we were to ship a package by air, we would multiply 2.00 by $5.99.The total shipping cost of the item is thus $11.98.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] You may also use the Shipping Calculator provided on our rates page to estimate your shipping cost.

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